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...Trombetta plays protagonist Small Paul's gee-whiz naivete perfectly on the edge of parody...

-John R. Ziegler and Leah Richards for Thinking Theater NYC

... The characters in this performance ... do a terrific job of carrying the show, which can be difficult to pull off if you don’t have quality actors who are convincing as cartoon characters.

A perfect example is Scuttle, a dimwitted seagull who helps look out for Ariel.  Actor Chris Trombetta was phenomenal in his role and really delivers the comedy... - DaveElias for NBC-2

...A story can always benefit from some comedy, and one of my favorite sources was the unparalleled Scuttle (Chris Trombetta). His ridiculous pronunciation and identification of common words and objects in the human world never failed to bring a smile. It was also a pleasant surprise to have him featured as a vocalist in his endearing song "Positoovity," complete with tap-dancing gull sidekicks... - Broadway World
...Chris Trombetta got the all-out comical role of Scuttle, the bird-brained expert of all things landlubber. His vocal and dancing talents got the most out of score's better new songs... - Broadway World
...Chris Trombetta is the right kind of annoying as Scuttle the seagull... - Washington Times Harold
...One of the standouts is Chris Trombetta as Igor. Trombetta is an actor who understands that acting is more than delivering lines. It’s a language that is communicated to an audience who may or may not understand the language. Through convincing body language and facial expressions, Trombetta captures the iconic character of Igor, mimicking Marty Feldman... in all the right places, clearly communicating with the audience and inviting them on this wildly funny ride. - John Muller for Stage Magazine.
 "...Standout performances include Chris Trombetta as Baby John" - The Daily Reporter
"...Other highlights include... Chris Trombetta as Baby John"- Heather Bremer for The Herald Bulletin
"...And Chris Trombetta draws laughs as class nerd Eugene."- Marry Ellen Wright For Lancaster Online
"There were several things that I did enjoy and admire, such as... Chris Trombetta's comic timing..."- Rich Mehrenberg for Broadway World
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